Holiday People, Happy Pets
We are happy to recommend Holly's Pet Sitting Services. We have had the pleasure and the luck of having Holly visit our dog Stella and cat Sookie for many years. Stella and Sookie love seeing her and she has always gone above and beyond when taking care of our pets and home while we've been away. Dog walking, short stays and overnights have all gone without a hitch over the years.

Holly deserves serious consideration as a reliable and responsible source to site, walk, visit your pet(s) and your home, and we we recommend her hightly. Sean & Stacey
Holly has cared for my pets a number of times. I find her extremely professional. She has great rapport with my animals. They are comfortable in her presence, even the most skittish of my creatures. She works closely with me to be sure that all of my animals are comfortable in my absence. Holly works to help the shier of the creatures come around to receive attention and love they deserve. She has a deep and abiding love and affection for the animals in her care.

I have no hesitation recommending Holly as a pet caregiver. I feel completely secure leaving her in control of my pets when I am gone, and know that I will return home to pets that are not stressed out and nervous. Holly is a great friend. Jano
I have known Holly Hagey for two years. She has been an incredible gift to my family, my basset hound, Howard, and to me. Holly goes well beyond the call of friendship and dog sitter on a number of occasions. I have found her to be a rare person - always thoughtful, caring and giving a hundred and ten percent in everything. My dog, Howie, loves Holly. She often takes him for walks when I am very busy and I am unable to be around for a number of hours. Holly has never been too busy to make time in her schedule to spend time with Howie. She doesn't just take Howie for a short jaunt around the block - their walks often times last an hour. I also travel lots, and Holly is the only person I would consider watching and insuring that all is OK on my home front. Holly brings the trash cans in and out, makes sure that all is picked up outside the house (mail packages and handouts) and secures the house well when leaving. She even takes extra precautions, and takes her pet sitting magnet signs off her can so no one will know we are gone. I cannot recommend Holly enough. She is a person who one can rely on to be responsible, consistent, dependable, and most of all loving and kind to every person and pet in her path. Sharon
I am writing this letter of reference based on my first experience using Holly’s Pet Sitting Service. It was a breeze from the start. Holly emailed a Get‐toknow‐ you‐and‐your‐pet(s) questionnaire and scheduled a Meet‐n‐Greet session. She followed up and confirmed our appointment. All of her correspondence (before, during and after) was prompt and efficient. Upon her arrival for the Meet‐n‐Greet, Holly introduced herself to me and to the dogs. I think it was love at first sight for one, and a cautious hello from the other. Holly respected their differences and allowed the cautious one to approach her in her own time. We spent some time chatting and took a quick tour of the house. I felt very confident that our dogs were going to be taken care of and loved while we were away. During our travels, Holly checked in with occasional update text messages and pictures. They all looked happy as could be. In my opinion, Holly’s Service charges a fair rate. That, combined with the ability of being able to keep the dogs in their own environment, makes it an easy decision to utilize Holly’s Pet Sitting Service in the future! Tanya